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©2013-2020 by GoldenPvP Network.


It is your responsibility as a player to follow these rules. They are updated often, so stay up to date! 

If you believe we are missing a rule, please let us know on the forums.



Breaking a major rule may result in a perm ban or blacklist.

1. Do not cheat.

2. Do not endorse, encourage, or assist cheats/cheaters.

3. Do not disrespect staff.

4. Do not lie to staff.

5. Do not DDoS other players, make DDoS threats, or engage in DDoS Comedy.

6. Do not violate the privacy of others.

7. Do not share accounts.

8. Do not dox other players, make doxxing threats, or engage in doxxing comedy.


1. Do not be toxic. 

2. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.

3. Do not bypass the chat filter. 

4. Do not advertise other servers. 

5. Do not post links to screamers, shock sites, or any sites containing pornography. 

6. Do not make or provoke any suicide/self-harm jokes. 

7. Do not stream-snipe, harass, excessively follow, or excessively trap famous players for unreasonable periods of time. 

8. Do not spam. 

9. Do not be an idiot in voice chat. If you are using voice chat for the sole purpose of disrupting gameplay, you will be banned.

10. Do not use an inappropriate Minecraft username. If your username is inappropriate (racist, hateful, harmful, etc) you will be permanently banned at our discretion until the username has been changed.

11. Do not hackusate. If you think somebody is cheating, use  /report.

12. Do not ban evade. Appeal your ban instead. Ban evading will lower your chances of being unbanned when you appeal.

13. Do not assist a player who is ban evading. If you help other players ban evade, you too will be permanently banned.

14. Do not knowingly play with a player who is ban evading. You will be permanently banned for this.

15. Do not associate with cheaters. Knowingly playing with a cheater and benefitting from their cheats will get you banned.

16. Do not be racist. You will be muted and/or banned for this.

17. Do not grief or excessively harass famous players. Do not harass, excessively follow, or excessively trap famous players for unreasonable periods of time.

18. Do not be a douchebag. Use common sense. If you try to find loopholes in our rules, you will be removed from the network.

19. Do not use a VPN. Do not attempt to use vpns on GoldenPvP Network, you may be banned.


1. Insiding your faction is not allowed. This includes taking items, making your faction raidable on purpose, causing any harm to your faction in general. If you want to leave your faction peacefully you may do so by asking your faction leader to take the items you worked for. Please contact an admin if you're not sure your actions are considered insiding.

2. No allying.  Unless specifically stated, all forms are prohibited.

3. Do not keep players hostage. If you do this, they will be TP'd out and you may be punished.

4. No Excessive Griefing. Excessively griefing a faction can result in a rollback and punishments for the offending players.

5. No Portal Trapping. Portal trapping is not allowed. If a player dies to this, they will be revived and will be refunded their DTR and items. The offending players may be banned.

6. No Disruptive Claiming. The claiming of land around other teams for the purpose of trolling that team is prohibited.

7. No DTR Evading. Kicking a player or leaving a faction to avoid DTR loss is not permitted. The nature of the death that would have occurred is irrelevant. It does not matter if the player who is kicked (or leaves) was tagged, in lava, in combat, etc. Kicking or leaving to avoid DTR loss in any circumstance is not permitted. You may not leave your faction to knock, jump in string traps, or any other reasonably-risky activity that would otherwise result in DTR loss.

8. No Killing or Hitting Players Through Blocks. If you kill a player by hitting (or shooting them) through a block, they will be revived and refunded, and you may be punished.

9. No Objectionable Faction Names. If a faction name is perceived as harmful, hateful, racist, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, your team name will be forcibly changed and the leader will receive a punishment.

10. Do not use an alternate account. You may not use an alt account on our HCF servers.

Specifically allowed:
Killing your faction if you get kicked and given no warnings to leave the base.
Drowning players in traps is allowed.
Killing /f ally members
Using blocks to suffocate logged out players is allowed.
"Griefing" for the sole purpose of destroying a string trap to escape the trap is allowed.

1. Do not grief maps.

2. Do not camp.

3. No elo manipulation. This includes but is not limited to purposely dropping your elo or boosting your elo with a friend. You will be banned and your elo will be reset.


1. Teaming is not allowed in any “FFA” games.

2. Feeding and griefing is disallowed on all minigames.

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